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Persson Leif 053 My name is Leif Persson. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and I have collected matchboxes and labels more or less during about 40 years. I gather from all over the world, and my aim is not to get a complete collection of anything, just to get it interesting for me. I always prefer labels that tells me a story. As usual in the labels' rich image-world, each theme can be deepened and divided into lots of variants, as long as you look carefully in the collection. This also applies to this theme; Flowers. Flowers appear in many ways and the style changes over time, but the symbolic value of the flowers appears to be timeless, they stand for beauty and naturalness, for happiness, love, life and freedom. I have picked from a hundred years from about the 1880-1980s, and picked flowers as they are, flowers as symbols and ornaments, flowers as props and flowers as décor, flowers in the surroundings and flowers for collectors. I also picked some boxes, from the beginning to the late 1900s. It became some nice bouquets of flowers and labels. Enjoy the richness of this year’s theme! (The pictures are framed to fit a mobile phone screen)
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