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Flemming Henningsen 002 Flemming Henningsen - Denmark - Born in 1953 - E-mail:tandberg53@gmail.com - Website:www.phillumeny.dk

I started collecting matchboxes and -labels in the 1960s. It was several beautiful sets of matchboxlabels importet from Finland into my country Denmark that caught my interest. Back then a lot of different businesses, gas stations, pubs e.g. had their own advertising matchboxes and it was cool to visit them and ask for their matchboxes. Later on I became a member of a danish society for phillumenists – SKANDIA. For several years collecting had a lower priority, but I never stopped, and I continued having exchange partners around the world. After my retreat from work as I became 60 years old collecting again cought a bigger interest for me. I startet visiting events in Germany, Belgium and the UK and became a member of the British Matchbox label and bookmatch society. I got my own website and started having exhibitions here in Denmark. My collection is now more that 165,000 different labels, skillets, boxes and bookmatches from 178 countries in the world.
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