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Livertovsky Oleg 010 Born in the city of Znamenka on July 8, 1947. Professional lawyer. After graduating from a higher educational institution, since 1970 I have been living in the city of Moscow. He served in the internal affairs bodies, a police major. I have been collecting match labels since 1957. In 1987, he was accepted as a member of the Moscow Club of Philumenists «Souvenir» named after V.M. Bogdanov. Currently I am the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Club, a participant in a number of philumenistic exhibitions. To date, the collection is about 300,000 (three thousand) pieces. I prefer match labels on paper. In 2021, he also took part in the virtual exhibition of the Swiss Museum. According to the voting results, he was awarded the 8th (eighth) prize. I would be grateful to the initiators of this virtual exhibition of the Swiss Museum, if they consider it possible to give me the opportunity, this year, to also take part in this event. With sincere respect and best wishes, Oleg Livertovsky.
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