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Pastika Miroslav 013 Dear collectors, dear friends, my name is Miroslav Paštika and I live in the Czech Republic. I am a person, who has plenty of interestes and activities. I work for company called Centrin. It is old people´s home. Here, I tried three working posts. I started as receptionist, later I was maintenance man and now I´m working as activation worker. My big two hobbies are matchboxes and drawing. I collect different matchboxes, matchbooks, catalogues and other items from the Czech rep. and other foreign states. I prefer matches, which were made before 1918 as each collector. I like boxes from varied material full of colours. My the second hobby is drawing. I try to draw portraits by pencils and coloured pencils. I ´m a member of Czech Philumenist Union (ČFS). Here, you can see my own autor´s album created from my drawing. Thank you for your interest.
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