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Kulkarni Navneet 026 Hello, this is Navneet Kulkarni from Pune, India. I am 46 now and have been collecting matchboxes since 1983. When playing games as children, losers had to give a penalty (in the form of matchboxes) to the winners. The catch was, if the matchbox was very common, we had to give 10-15-20 of them. If it was something different, unique, then only one or two were sufficient. . That sparked the drive to get unique matchboxes in me. As I grew older, the childhood games were left behind, but the hobby of collecting continued. Today I have more than 23000 matchboxes and labels from all around the world. Nowadays I am fascinated by matchboxes with different shapes (triangular, cylindrical, tent shaped, hexagonal etc.) and materials (metals, plastic, wood, leather, cloth etc.) I have blog pages on Facebook and Instagram. Please do visit and share my joy of collecting. https://www.facebook.com/PhillumenyTales / https://www.instagram.com/phillumenytales My e-mail: mail.navneet@gmail.com Thanks for visiting my exhibit and have a great day
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