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Persson Leif 033 My name is Leif Persson. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and I have collected matchboxes and labels, more or less during about 40 years. The theme on this exhibition is cars. I have made nine pictures, and there is a lot of cars, but also some of the structure around them. Petrol stations, car-wash, driving school, motor oil, car-windows exchange, car-insurance, a caravan-factory, roads, bridges, tunnels and more. But also, some matches that’s especially made for cars, like the old wind vestas, that can´t blow out when you light them in your open car, and the Swedish war-time Gengaständstickor, made for lightening the woodgas generator, mounted back of the cars during the period without petroleum in the 40´s. There is also some busses, tanks, and three bookmatches from a rescue brigade in the 50’s. Don’t miss the ducks passing a street in Copenhagen in the 60’s. Enyoj!
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