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Polikashin Mark 075 Hello. My name is Mark Polikashin. I come from Russia. I've been collecting since I was 7 years old, when I was given my first set. However, I didn't understand what to do with it then. Since then, I have been quietly collecting matches on the street or buying them in the store. Over time, this turned into a childhood-related hobby. After I joined the Moscow philumenist club Souvenir about 5 years ago, my collection began to expand much faster. There were boxes and labels that I would not have found anywhere. The number of labels and boxes is small, in the region of 5 thousand. Now my collection is on the way of differentiation: what to allocate in the direction, and what to send in exchange or sale. At the moment I am collecting AVION airplanes, camels from CAMEL cigarettes, everything related to cameras and film, bicycles, cigarette advertising unusual boxes. I have highlighted this so far.
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